How To Change Your Email Signature in Microsoft Outlook 2010

Sometimes, it’s the little things that can give us the most annoyances. As often as software gets updated, things that used to be common knowledge now have entirely new ways of getting done, and the way it used to be doesn’t apply. Something as necessary as changing your email signature, for example, gets lost in the shuffle of new menus and options.

This tutorial will help you to stop hunting and find your way.

How to Update Your Email Signature in Outlook 2010

Step 1 –

Click “File“, then click “Options” in the left-hand menu.

Outlook 2010 Signature Screen Shot 1

Step 2 –

Select “Mail” from the list of options, then click “Signatures“.

Outlook 2010 Signature Screen Shot 2

Step 3 –

Replace the existing signature with your desired new one. If there isn’t an existing signature, click “New” and create one.

Outlook 2010 Signature Screen Shot 3

Saving your email signature in Outlook 2010

In the top-right corner of the signatures box, you will be able to select default signatures and whether to include signatures automatically on replies. Once you are done, click “OK” and your changes will be saved.

  • RocketGal

    How do I add an icon or a picture, i.e., a flag to the signature?

  • Trixie

    Awesome Jeff thank you for the info….

  • Ralph T

    How to have to multiple signatures that you can easily change depends on the email that you will answer? I work in a group of companies but I am using only one email address. I want, though, that I reply to an email specifically from a company that I am representing. I know how to change my signature, but the task is too tedious. Not practical when you want to quickly reply an email.

    • eppand

      Ralph, I am unaware of a quick and easy way to do this with a single email address. Outlook will auto recognize your default signature if you are using multiple email addresses. The most efficient way that I know of from a single email address is to setup multiple signatures and then select that desired signature when replying to that message.

      • Ralph T

        Hi Eppand, thanks for taking time answering my question. I accidentally found out this morning how to change the signature quickly. When you write a new email or reply a message, you will find in the access toolbar option for signature. That’s beside Attach File and Attach Item. You can change from there which signature you want to use provided of course that you have written your signatures already at the options.