IT Solutions for Non-Profits

Non Profit IT Setup

Non-profit organizations face an uphill battle for funding the most basic facets of their business – everything from office space to supplies to utilities to equipment is carefully scrutinized to determine if the expense involved is necessary. Organizations operating under a 501-3c status want to make sure that every penny is well-used in the effort of furthering their mission. And while some expenses are more easily approved than others, one of the most intricate of decisions involves IT.

IT for Non-Profits Can Be Challenging

Information Technology, more commonly known as IT, is the backbone of many businesses, both for-profit and non-profit alike. IT in the form of a network of computers, software, infrastructure, and telecommunications equipment can help businesses become more productive and efficient in their day-to-day operations. However, determining the proper mixture of equipment and services can become a thorny issue, particularly when required to adhere to a strict (and often Spartan) budget. And while IT can be a sizeable line item on a non-profit’s budget, the good news is, there are a number of resources available to make that line item more manageable.

How to Find Non-Profit IT Solutions

A little investigation into IT resources available for non-profits will turn up a plethora of information, blogs, and newsletters designed to help non-profits navigate the process of IT decision-making. One prominent resource online is TechSoup, a website designed to help non-profit organizations and libraries explore and select technology answers for their specific needs. Without resources such as TechSoup, non-profits may not be aware that quality, enterprise-level IT solutions can sometimes be had for pennies on the dollar. The line item for IT on the budget can work harder and provide more for a non-profit than ever before.

However, finding a tech solution is only part of the answer. To take an enterprise-level solution and apply it using the necessary equipment takes expertise that non-profits may not always have on staff. In order to get the most out of a low-cost IT solution, a non-profit sometimes needs to enlist the help of an IT company familiar with the needs of non-profit organizations. Such IT companies are aware of the solutions available and have the experience necessary to help a non-profit use every allocated dollar to its fullest. This may mean using reconditioned equipment such as certified used computers and laptops as well as purchasing new equipment. Making careful decisions about equipment and software with the guidance of an IT company almost always allows a non-profit to do more with their funding.

A Non-Profit IT Solutions Partner

When it comes to allocating funds for the various components in a non-profit company, it pays to partner with other companies that have expertise in key areas. IT companies with experience in working with non-profits have the knowledge and established relationships necessary to help a non-profit’s IT budget deliver the most bang for the buck.