Network Security

Is your network secure?  Are you sure?

Security is a great concern for business of all sizes, especially with all the ways you are connected to the public internet.

Network security operates in layers.  It starts with your firewall, which protects the access point for all information sent and received on the Internet.  The next layers of security are antivirus programs on desktops and servers, and antispam filtering for email.  Layers beyond that include password policies, data access permissions, and wireless configuration.  Keeping all these layers secure can be extremely challenging, but the experts at Lieberman Technologies can design a security plan to help manage all of these areas.

Let us work with you to develop a solution that will balance cost and functionality.  We will ensure you take the necessary steps to secure your business such as purchasing a firewall, configuring a VPN or implementing antivirus and antispam solutions.  You’ll have peace of mind that your network and data is safe and secure.