Why Lieberman Technologies is Participating in Startup Weekend Evansville

The anatomy of a great idea has at its genesis a lot of enthusiasm and maybe a little bit of expertise or practical knowledge. Often an idea is all someone has, and they need the help of others to get that idea off the ground. Startup Weekend exists to help connect the enthusiasm of a great idea with the knowledge and expertise needed to take it further.

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Lieberman Technologies believes in the power of a great idea. That’s why we’re one of the sponsors of this year’s Startup Weekend, and it’s why three of our team members have signed on to be coaches at this event.

Says Zac Parsons, LT’s Digital Marketing Architect,

“For our area, this is the Super Bowl for the entrepreneurial community. It’s our annual event where the folks with the most interesting ideas and the most fascinating questions come together and figure things out. The energy that is created is palpable, especially from the numerous first-timers. Why wouldn’t I want to be a part of that? I just hope that some of my background in organizational psychology can help provide some perspective.”

Rick Culiver, LT’s Director of Business Development states,

“As LT’s Director of Business Development and someone who sees the Evansville business community growing on a daily basis, I’m looking forward to my second year of involvement in the weekend. I decided to participate in Startup Weekend for the second year in a row for the experience of watching a passionate idea turn into a viable business plan in a very short period of time.  The creativity and enthusiasm generated through this entrepreneurial event can be extremely motivating.

Director of Web Services Andrew Epperson echoes a similar sentiment:

“The ideas and environment fostered at Startup Weekend is an area that I can relate to directly. The competitive spirit and entrepreneurial attitude is infectious.”

Andrew also sees the event as a chance to repay some of the encouragement he’s received from the business community.

“I also enjoy giving back to those trying to grow where I’ve had success. I owe a lot to people that have mentored me and it is enjoyable to get involved and give back.”

Each of our three coaches bring a different perspective to the Startup Weekend process, and the teams they coach will benefit from the variety in their expertise. Maybe the next great idea to take the world by storm will come out of this year’s Startup Weekend Evansville. We can’t wait to find out.