Lieberman Technologies Partners with Datto for a Powerful Business Continuity Solution

No matter the size of your business, protecting its data is important. Customer files, accounting information, company emails – all of it is necessary for your business to run smoothly. In the event of a disaster, business continuity plans help to maintain access to this data, which is critical to the success or failure of your business.

business continuity with our new partner Datto

As a managed service provider, Lieberman Technologies works with a wide variety of small and midsized businesses. We strive to provide a data protection strategy that fits the unique needs of each business. In order to provide better service, we sought a business continuity solution that would provide total protection of business data as well as allow for rapid recovery in event of a data disaster. That solution? Datto.

Introducing Datto

Once, only big corporations could afford the hardware, software, and labor force necessary to protect business data 24/7. Datto focuses instead on small to midsize businesses, allowing for corporate-style data protection without a significant investment in infrastructure and manpower.

The combination of Datto’s hybrid cloud virtualization and proprietary hardware allows businesses to maintain updated backups and recover data quickly. In fact, Datto can capture a continual snapshot of an entire IT system, allowing a business to access it from anywhere there is an Internet connection. If disaster strikes, company data is accessible even if the business facility is not.

Why We Chose to Partner with Datto

Finding a business continuity solution that meets the unique needs of your business can be a tough task. For small to midsize businesses, those solutions have often consisted of an assortment of mostly compatible devices and cloud services. The key phrase, however, is “mostly compatible.” Lieberman Technologies’ Managed Services Department sought a better solution to this patchwork-style data protection. Datto is that solution.

  • Scalable innovative business continuity solutions supporting on-premise, mobile, and cloud data protection needs
  • Use of on-site appliances in conjunction with purpose-built cloud infrastructure to store and recover client data when emergencies arise
  • Bootable images from Datto device or Datto Cloud unify backups and disaster recovery
  • Image-based backups that include business data plus client’s IT environment
  • Instant local and cloud virtualization
  • Bi-coastal data centers help to eliminate downtime
  • Automated backup testing and recovery as well as end-to-end encryption
  • End-to-end data recoverability
  • Greater storage and infrastructure efficiency through recovery points created by Inverse Chain Technology
  • Built for the small and midsized business market
  • Multiple industry awards for excellence in platform, solution, and support
  • Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide

Choosing Datto for Your Business

If you are a small to midsize business, data protection can be a challenge. Datto provides a comprehensive business continuity solution via its 140+ PB (petabyte) purpose-built cloud and family of hardware and software devices. (Fun fact: one petabyte can store the DNA of the entire US population, and then clone them twice.) With more than 140 PB in its cloud, Datto can handle your business data with no issues.

The combination of Datto’s hardware and software devices and its huge cloud mean that your business could experience a data disaster and be back up and running without missing a beat. Unlike other business continuity solutions, Datto boasts end-to-end recoverability, single-vendor accountability, and 24/7 tech support. Because the hardware, software, and infrastructure are built and maintained by Datto, there is no incompatibility among elements in the plan.

When it comes to protecting business data, Datto offers a solution designed specifically for small to midsize business. For more information, contact us here at Lieberman Technologies. As a Datto partner, we can create the best business continuity solution for your business needs.