Sheriff Support Services and Custom Software Development

Lieberman Technologies has developed a number of custom software applications for sheriff departments across Indiana, with systems in 68 of the 92 counties. Some programs reside on the desktops within the sheriff’s department, while some are web-enabled and the software and data reside in the cloud. Lieberman’s staff offers support, user group meetings, and ongoing updates to the software.

Income Tax Warrants Software

One of our software packages allows sheriffs to automate the collection of Indiana Department of Revenue tax warrants, relieving the sheriff’s staff of working with the large, paper cash book. This billing, invoicing, and payment system has made work much easier and more efficient for many sheriffs and the communities they serve. For more information, see

Software for Discretionary Spending in Jail

Another system we developed automates the management of the sheriff’s discretionary commissary fund. This system allows inmates to receive money into their account from friends and family through an online payment system. They can then use this account in jail to purchase phone cards, food, personal hygene products, pay for a GPS tracking bracelet if they are allowed to go on work release, and more. This system makes it easy for inmates families to help them while they are incarcerated without having to travel to the jail on a regular basis.

Sheriff Sales

Lieberman also manages sheriff sales brought about by court-ordered bank foreclosure due to non-payment of a standard monthly mortgage. We personally staff the sheriff sales in 18 counties with our custom software in place. Our software:

  • Displays and tracks the high bids during the auction
  • Automates the paperwork after the sale
  • Delivers standard documentation for attornies, the Sheriff’s department, and the Registrar
  • Helps to speed up the deed process
  • Automates the listing of each property available for sale each month

See for more information or to see the current properties going up for sale in your county.

This is just one niche of custom software that we develop for specific industries.