Maximizing the Value of Your Website

Back in 2014, Lieberman Technologies published a blog post that explained the true value of a business website. The points this post made about websites still ring true today, but with some notable additions. I wanted to revisit the thoughts and ideas in this post and examine them through the lens of business in 2020.

Maximizing the Value of your website

A Shift in Thinking

First of all, I think we have turned a corner when it comes to how business owners perceive their website. Businesses today recognize that websites play a central role in their marketing efforts. They understand that online research is often the beginning of the purchase process. The result of this shift in thinking is that websites are often seen as a significant investment in the success of a business.

Of course, you want a return on that investment. Keep these thoughts in mind:

Search Drives Business

Search engines play a big role in driving customers to websites. In fact, if your business doesn’t show up on a search result, you essentially do not exist to potential customers. Establishing online presence through SEO and content helps to get your site found.

Social Media Boosts Your Online Presence

There are plenty of social media platforms out there – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter just to name a few – and your presence there can help boost your visibility online. Not all social media is created equal, however. Choose to have a presence on the ones that align with your business brand.

Current and Relevant Content is King

Search engines like Google use an algorithm to assess the content found on your website. While the exact algorithm Google uses is unknown and constantly evolving, there are certain actions you can take to aid the process. Google wants to serve up relevant content, so content that is well-written and updated regularly can go a long way.

Continuous Assessment is Important

For most businesses, it’s helpful to think about the company website as a living entity. You must consistently examine the design and content of your site and adjust where needed, much like conducting a regular health check. Using services like Google Analytics can help you to see what’s working on your site and what isn’t.

Design and User Experience are Intertwined

You can make the effort to present your business as the expert in your field and provide relevant content, but you only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention once they land on your site. Clean design, quick-loading page elements, and clear calls-to-action should greet your visitors each time they come to your site.

Return on Investment

Your company website provides a touch point in a continuous conversation about your business. It works on behalf of your business, even during non-business hours. It is the central hub for all other digital interactions, playing a key role in your company’s online visibility. Whether you use it as a lead generator, an ecommerce site, a customer service portal, or a little bit of everything, your website is the most valuable piece of marketing you have.

The investment you make in your company’s website is an ongoing commitment. Fortunately, your website can become exactly the sales tool you need as your business evolves. If you’d like to discuss your options for a company website, contact us here at Lieberman Technologies!