Mobile Website Design Means More Mobile-Friendly Business

Mobile Website Design for Business is Best Unnoticed

If you have visited a mobile website on your smartphone, you already know a mobile-friendly website when you see one. In fact, mobile-friendly websites are better for businesses. Mobile website designs are easier to use, read, and share than non-mobile website templates. When the pictures load funky or if the text is too small to read, a website is not mobile-friendly and it hurts business.
mobile friendly website design for business

The Web is Becoming More Mobile Every Year

Every season the internet is used more on phones and mobile devices and less on desktops. Julie Coppernoll, VP of global marketing at Intel, says in the coming years “I think nothing will be ‘mobile’ anymore because everything will be mobile.” The things that we considered mobile two years ago are becoming more the norm. Remember the iPhone 5? That seemed like the right size for a smartphone for years. But now, the iPhone 7 plus has a 5.5-inch screen and many Android phones are much larger than the iPhone 5. People are using these phones while they are out and about and while sitting on the couch at home. Smartphones and other mobile devices give us instant access to more information and more reliable data. Websites now only have 3 seconds to capture a visitor before they hit the back button and check another site.

What Businesses Need Mobile Websites the Most?

Your business has different online needs than other businesses. If your call-to-action is a phone call, your mobile site will be different than a restaurant site that encourages people to share menu favorites with their friends. When talking about your website design and your ROI consider all of these uses. If you fall into one of the following categories, then you should already be having a conversation with a web designer about a responsive website.

  • Restaurants (81% of restaurant searches were done on a phone in 2013!)
  • Retailers (52% of smartphone users use their device while shopping)
  • Service Industry (When your furnace breaks, you don’t walk to your computer to search)
  • Spas & Boutiques (Spontaneous destinations that are thought of and decided on without going home)
  • Auto Repair (either on-the-go scheduling or a roadside problem, not in the office)

If you aren’t in one of those industries, consider how your best salesperson makes a first impression on your customers’ phones. If people don’t use their computers at work to do personal things (like book a haircut or board a dog) then you see even more reasons to have a mobile-friendly site.

We aren’t just web designers, we are mobile website builders

When Lieberman Technologies builds a website for a company, we consider your users every step of the way. We design for specific customers in mind, and one of those is always a mobile user. Site speed, easy-to-click links, dynamic images and a hot sales funnel are all considerations for your mobile website. We test your design against a wide variety of Android and Apple phones and brands. Once your site launches, we measure the analytics to track the abandon rate, engagement, and online conversions.

Some Examples of Our Mobile Website Designs

We get pretty excited about the sites we make. If you want to see our mobile website work, read this blog post on your phone and visit Epworth Crossing, Tri-State Orthopaedic Associates, or Albion Fellows Bacon Center. Those have all won awards from the American Advertising Federation for web design or for responsiveness. All of the website templates we design are responsive as a standard practice. Want to know what it will take to make your website mobile-friendly? Want a completely new site that includes our award-winning design process? Let me know!

But Don’t Take Our Word for It…

There are lots of articles online about this very subject. It’s not always easy to get a consensus on a topic, but making websites mobile-friendly gets a big “yes” from a lot of people. If you want to know more about mobile-friendly websites, take a look at the following links:

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