New auto-play video feature for Facebook on mobile apps. Cat lovers rejoice.

Where do you prefer to digest your massive Facebook news feed? I’m not talking about a specific location (although we’d probably get some interesting answers to that question), I’m referring to the device/application that you use to get the latest news on what Aunt Bertha had for lunch, what cute tricks Aunt Bertha’s cat performed today, or even what Aunt Bertha’s cat had for lunch today.

If you tend to be an iOS or Android Facebook app user, you may have noticed a new feature recently. While you usually have to click to start Frisky’s yarn juggling videos, you were saved the split-second of this act with the new update for these apps. While there is no audio with this auto-play feature, you still get to see Tabby wrestle with her cat sweater in all of pixels captured with Bertha’s iPhone. Think of all of the time that you’ll save by not having to depress your thumb or index finger onto your touch screen in order to start watching cat videos on Facebook.

But before you go out and renew your subscription to Cat Fancy, you should know that this only affects videos uploaded directly to Facebook or through Instagram. So far… There’s rumors that this feature will be rolled out to Facebook ads in the future. What a fun day that will be!

If you so desire, you can limit your data (and cat-video) consumption with a setting that only auto-plays when you are connected to WiFi. This feature must be in response to the smattering of non-cat videos attempting to infiltrate our news feeds. Even feline fanaticism must have it limits.

If you weren’t a part of the more than 13,000 participants in this year’s Annual Internet Cat Video Film Festival, don’t fret. There’s a good chance that 2014 will see a 3rd (yes, 3rd) annual festival for all of us to enjoy together. And if you go, make sure to take plenty of video to share with me. I’ve now got a lot time on my paws from the video clicking that I no longer have to do.

Cat with blue and green eyes