Over $1000 Donated to Evansville March of Dimes

If you could, would you pay a little money to smash a pie in the face of your manager?

That theoretical question became a reality for the employees at Lieberman Technologies. In cooperation with Jennifer Buroker, of Evansville’s March of Dimes, employees bid on the opportunity to smash a pie in the face of a management team member.

Bids, collaboration, and conspiracies were rampant in the spirit of fun and philanthropy. Stewart Klipsch took the high bid from the group, while Jeff Brown definitely had 3 times the pie. When the whipped cream settled, at total of $1,001 was donated to March of Dimes.

After reading this you might be thinking, “Why didn’t I get the chance to smash a pie on Rick Culiver?” We’ll save that for next time, but for now, we got the smashings on video.