How Paperless Automation Helps Indiana Sheriffs

paperless automation business software for sheriffs

One of the top reasons most people dread dealing with the government is the amount of paperwork involved. The paperwork required by most government entities is so complex that it’s almost a cliche. Government workers and civilians alike often have difficulty following the paper trail that some government functions require. However, streamlining the process with paperless automation can make the process run more smoothly for both staff and the public. By developing the Automated Tax Warrant System (ATWS) for county sheriff departments, Lieberman Technologies has improved the process for 69 counties in Indiana.

paperless automation business software for sheriffs

What Is a Tax Warrant?

Businesses and individuals sometimes fall behind on paying their income taxes, triggering a collection process for the outstanding tax debt. The Indiana Department of Revenue (IDOR) tracks these outstanding debts and attempts to make contact with the responsible party to collect the amount owed. This process begins with a mailed notification, giving the responsible party 45 days to pay the debt or contest it. If the debt is not addressed within that 45 day period, IDOR issues a 10-day notice. This is an official tax bill that must be paid within 10 days. Failure to pay within the 10 day period triggers a tax warrant, which is then turned over to the county sheriff for collection.

What Happens When You Receive a Tax Warrant?

Once a tax warrant is issued, the sheriff can take a number of actions to resolve this debt. Wage garnishment, bank levies, and property sales are all possible during this process. Settling the debt often involves paying with a cashier’s check or money order, either in person or by mail, at the sheriff’s office. This can be inconvenient to the citizen as well as to the personnel in the sheriff’s department.

Paperless Automation Makes the Process Easier

Indiana Counties using ATWS for paperwork automation

Although tax collection is part of the responsibility of the sheriff’s department, it can be a complicated process. Writing letters, tracking addresses, and producing mailings are all time-consuming. Checks received by mail and payments received in person require a significant investment of time to process, reducing sheriff staffs to the role of a cashier. Some counties would fall behind on keeping track of the paperwork, resulting in lost revenue for the state.

In order to streamline the process, Lieberman Technologies designed an automated system that tracks the warrants. This custom software system automatically generates collection letters, calculates exact amounts owed, and creates deposit reports for monies received. Automating this process allows sheriff staff to accurately track outstanding debt as well as debts that have been settled.

The ROI of a System that Pays for Itself in One Month

Processing, serving, and enforcing these warrants can create a significant burden on a sheriff’s department whose primary focus is keeping the peace. Using ATWS shifts the burden to the automated system and places greater responsibility on the taxpayer with an outstanding tax debt. Users visit the secure payment portal and type in their Tax ID and the unique number found on the system-generated letter. That two part ID logs them in to see the outstanding amount on their account and allows them to pay it with a credit card. Customers can pay outstanding tax debts from the comfort of their own homes or businesses. No more trips to the bank to get a cashier’s check or money order, and IDOR is instantly notified. Counties using ATWS have seen an increase of 20%-50% in revenue, as well as a significant reduction in labor to process outstanding tax warrants. (You can see the site at but you won’t be able to get in without a letter from your sheriff.)

To provide additional ease in operation of ATWS, Lieberman Technologies maintains a support staff to answer questions about the software. This allows sheriff departments to provide exceptional service to their customers.

Response time is outstanding. If I email a problem, I receive a call or email usually within an hour or two. The support staff is patient particularly when they are dealing with someone who has limited computer knowledge. I think the support staff of Lieberman Technologies is the gold standard that all support staffs should strive to emulate.

– Cheryl Garner, Sheriff’s Assistant / Hamilton County

From tracking outstanding warrants to allowing payments via credit card, ATWS has enabled many counties to collect unpaid taxes that otherwise might have remained unpaid. ATWS boosts revenue, often paying for itself within the first month of use.

Document Management Software is Like Compounding Interest

Paperless automation, such as with ATWS, saves customers time and money and provides a better experience. It also makes office staff more efficient in their daily tasks, which reduces operating costs. In fact, automating a process has some instant returns:

  • Less human error from typos or missed parts of the process
  • Automated scheduling makes a system dependable no matter the staff’s schedule (No more delays because of busy days!)
  • Happy employees because they don’t have to do tedious and repetitive work, they can do work that really needs a person to do it.

Paperless automation saves time, increases revenue, and provides enhanced accuracy for repetitive processes. Much like compounding interest, each benefit builds on the one before it. If your business would benefit from automating one or more of its processes, give Lieberman Technologies a call. We can help you to identify ways to improve your business by performing daily tasks more accurately and efficiently.

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