Phone System Improvements for the Evansville YMCA

improving the phone system for the Evansville YMCA

The YMCA of Southwestern Indiana has been providing the Evansville area with programming for youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility for over 150 years. With four facilities around Evansville, the YMCA relies heavily on their phone system to communicate between these locations.

improving the phone system for the Evansville YMCA

Four Different Evansville Locations and Over 90 Phones

The YMCA’s four locations – Downtown Evansville, Dunigan, Community Outreach, and Camp Carson had over 90 phones in an aging system that did not effectively serve the organization. It was difficult to communicate between the locations, dropping calls in transfer between buildings. One by one, phones were dying and unreplaceable, leading the YMCA to seek one phone solution for all four locations.

However, replacing the failing phone system with a new one would have been an incomplete solution.

Improving More Than Just a Phone System

Evaluation of the existing infrastructure uncovered a need for all-new and upgraded cabling to support a new phone system. Without it, a new phone system would soon encounter many of the same problems the old system was experiencing. Lieberman Technologies worked with the YMCA’s voice and data providers to assure the proper services were in place.

Following the re-cabling of all four locations, Lieberman installed the Allworx 48x Business Phone System. This system is designed for small-to-medium businesses that need a larger number of phones but not a large enterprise-class solution.  It supports voice mail as well as conferencing, allowing for improved communications among all four locations. Additionally, Lieberman installed new cabling at the downtown location for a state-of-the-art VoIP phone system. The modern cables also improved the YMCA’s computer infrastructure.

To smooth the transition to a new system, Lieberman planned the installation and created a timeline for implementation. Once it was in place, YMCA staff participated in training to learn how to fully use the new, 96-phone system. Now they can call other offices and buildings with 3-digit dialing, instant conference calls, and easily move their extension numbers from one office to another. The new phone lines mean no dropped calls and if any of the new phones quit working we have replacements in stock in Evansville, Indiana for a quick replacement.

Phone System for the Evansville YMCA of the Future

Chief Operating Officer Jennifer Brown is pleased with the new system and with Lieberman’s work on the project. “When we started looking to replace our phone system, we didn’t realize that we had other issues with our infrastructure, as well. Lieberman Technologies took the time to examine every aspect of our communications and made recommendations that would address our needs now and in the future. They worked with us to establish a solution that fit our budget and gave us an updated, upgraded communications system that will serve us well for a long time to come. They also provided training on how to use our new system. I couldn’t be happier with Lieberman Technologies’ attention to detail and responsive customer service!”

Your phone system is a lifeline for your business. If your company’s phone system no longer meets your needs, contact Lieberman Technologies. We specialize in phone systems for small-to-medium businesses, and we can help improve your business’ communications. You can even call us at 812-434-6600 and we’ll answer one of our Allworx phones, because we use them too.