Building a More Robust Real Estate Website

Real estate agencies rely heavily upon their websites to market their business and serve their market area. People seeking a new home often do a great deal of legwork online, particularly when they are searching for a home in another market. Because of this, a realtor website that puts relevant information at their fingertips is critical for the success of a real estate agency.

When Shrode Real Estate sought to upgrade their website, one goal was to make their site more useable to the public when searching for homes and property. Their former site allowed for search but the search feature took the user to a third party site for this function. Shrode asked Lieberman Technologies to build a new site that allows the user to not only do a full search of Evansville-area Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listings, but also bring Shrode-listed properties to the forefront.

Kristy Schaefer, Office Manager at Shrode, worked with Lieberman Technologies’ Andrew Epperson to bring the new site into reality. “We wanted more functionality and a clean, user-friendly look,” says Schaefer. “Andrew was easy to work with and understood what I wanted.”

Shrode’s new site, built in WordPress, provides the agency with a content management system that gives them greater control of properties featured on the site. Data comes from a feed provided through the Evansville Area Association of Realtors’ MLS and can be filtered to show properties listed by Shrode as well as the entire list of properties on MLS. Additionally, Shrode can choose a featured property to list on the site home page, and change the property as often as needed.

To further make the site user-friendly, MLS search is accessible throughout, and is available as a basic search, an advanced search, or a quick search.  Properties can be filtered by agent to highlight all listings by that agent. Users can request an appointment to view a particular listing, and the system will reference the MLS listing viewed when sending the appointment request. The search feature is also integrated with Google Maps and with social sharing sites Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and StumbleUpon.

The result is a more robust site, with a clean look and a host of features, which allows Shrode to more effectively market their own properties as well as those in the larger Evansville Area Association of Realtors MLS. Most importantly, Schaefer is pleased with the result. “The new site is great!” she reports. “It’s just what I wanted and is easy to maintain.”

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