Using Technology to Bring a Company into Compliance

material recycling compliance

Scrap metal recycling is big business, particularly with regard to valuable metals such as copper, brass, and aluminum. However, because of the relative value of such metals, an entire industry has sprung up around the unlawful collection of these materials for sale to recyclers. To combat this growing trend, the state of Indiana has set forth rules and regulations that clearly delineate the response and responsibility of recyclers when purchasing scrap.

In a competitive market such as this, many recyclers are small operations that must hold the line on operating costs while still remaining in compliance with state regulations. One such recycler, Material Recycling of Evansville, contracted Lieberman Technologies in order to improve their technology and keep their business up-to-date.

After consulting with the customer to determine needs, Lieberman Technologies designed a complete business software solution to replace an out-of-date DOS-based software system utilized by Material Recycling. The new application meets the intent of Indiana Code 25-37.5 and has the ability to capture the information required by Indiana State Police Form 52776, which must be collected in order to identify the seller of scrap metal. The new software integrates with many different peripherals in use in the business, including a cash drawer, bar code scanner, label printer, and front facing monitor. Lieberman designed and developed this custom software package and tested and verified the functionality of all peripheral hardware.

In addition to helping them remain compliant with current Indiana law regarding the purchase of scrap metal, the new solution also enabled Material Recycling to increase the number of active workstations.

Lieberman also made significant improvements to the corporate network by adding new data runs, securing the company’s Wi-Fi network, and adding a new guest Wi-Fi network. As a final step, Lieberman implemented an image-based offsite backup and disaster recovery solution. This keeps data secure and accessible in the event of a disaster at the business site.

All in all, the work performed by Lieberman Technologies not only brought Material Recycling into compliance, but also resulted in an extremely satisfied customer. Says Jack Gerhardt of Material Recycling, “Lieberman Technologies provided a common sense solution to propelling our company into the 21st century. We would be at a loss if we hadn’t called upon their expertise and ingenuity. Becoming compliant was a long road coming, and Lieberman gave us the push to get there. We wouldn’t have chosen any other firm and respect their professionalism, accountability, and willingness to listen to the needs of our situation.”