SEO and What It Means to Rank

No matter what phrase you use to describe your efforts, achieving the top rank for your keyword can make a world of difference when it comes to traffic volume and conversions.

For a tangible comparison, I have pulled Google Analytics data for a web property. The following represents a single website’s analytics for July 2012.

Query Avg. Position CTR
Keyword 1 3.5 14%
Keyword 2 2.7 33%

In this example, the queries were on the same topic, generated comparable impressions, and drove traffic to the same page on this particular website. This data illustrates the importance a single position in the ranking makes when driving traffic to your site. Increasing your ranking from the 3/4 rank to the 2/3 rank in the search engine results page can double your click through rate (CTR). Doubling the CTR on a query generating thousands of impressions a month would be a considerable spike in traffic and ultimately a boost in conversions on your website. Regardless of whether you are conducting e-commerce on your site or not, growing traffic and increasing conversions is why your website is online.

Understand that SEO is not a “set-it-and-forget-it” prospect.  Regular examination of your site’s SEO and analytics will help you to fine-tune the response your site receives from search queries.  Don’t risk losing rank by ignoring site content and its’ attendant keywords.   It can mean the difference between being lost and being found online.