Should You Outsource Your Blog?

Adding a blog to your website can benefit your business in numerous ways. For starters, a blog can produce an accumulative increase of your website’s traffic of more than 50%. If that statistic doesn’t get your attention, maybe this one will: companies that utilize a blog see 434% more indexed pages by search engines than companies that don’t. Yes, 434%. Having more pages indexed means having a more visibility in search results, and that can translate into more sales. What company doesn’t want more sales?

a blog postYou might be thinking: “Okay, you’ve convinced me. We’ll tack a blog onto our existing website and wait for the customers to beat a path to our door.”

It’s not that easy.

Making a Blog for your Business isn’t a Silver Bullet

A blog isn’t a widget that you can add to a website and magically see the results. A blog is a craft, a creation of sorts. You have to be committed to it, and you have to stay committed to it. You have to provide solid content that’s relative to your business or industry. Your content should be well-written, which means you’ll need someone to write it.

If you don’t have time to write it, then you’ll want to assign that duty to one or more of your employees. The problem can be the fact that a company blog requires a certain amount of buy-in from your employees. If you’re going to task one (or more) of them with coming up with blog posts in addition to their regular duties, you may be asking more of your staff than they can realistically deliver with any hope for quality.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Time required to research and write
  • Writing talent among staff
  • Areas of expertise
  • How often you plan to publish content

By far the biggest factor in writing and publishing a blog is the amount of time it takes on the front end. Even with an expert in the field writing what he or she knows, there is a considerable amount of time in the writing and refinement of information for a post. Can you spare that much time for your staff?

Hire a Content Marketer for Your Blog?

If the time and expense of using your own staff to write blog content is making you reconsider the idea, consider another option: hiring a ghostwriter. A ghostwriter is essentially a contractor, paid to take your ideas, topics, and expertise, and create solid blog content. As a contractor, a ghostwriter will develop a pool of blog posts based on the topics and information that you give them to write about. The frequency of your posting schedule, the depth of research and writing required, and the length of the finished posts will figure into the cost of this service. Still, the cost of hiring a ghostwriter can be substantially lower than tasking your employees to come up with content, particularly if your staff is already performing near capacity. For a fraction of the cost of a new hire, you can contract for blog content that will be researched and written as if it were done by a member of your team. Further, because a ghostwriter is a contractor, you are spared the cost of providing a full salary and benefits.

Outsourcing your blog content in this way can make good financial sense. The accumulative boost your web traffic will receive from adding and consistently updating a blog can ultimately lead to sales. If you’d like to know more about working with a ghostwriter for your company blog, please contact us here at Lieberman Technologies. We can tell you more about blogs and their relationship to SEO and offer you a great alternative to using a member of your own staff to create blog content.

{photo used under Creative Commons from SEOPlanter – flickr}