August 7th – Join Us for A Panel Discussion

Southwest ISBDC

An exciting trend has been emerging in our city, and it’s something I’m proud of Lieberman Technologies for being a part of: the active sharing and civic interest in growing how we use digital media for our personal and professional development. We’ve got some seriously smart people in Evansville, and they’re doing some really cool things with social media to grow their businesses in new and exciting ways. What’s even better is that we’re starting to share our success stories with each other and helping other businesses grow, as well.

Social Media Panel Discussion on August 7th

In that vein, I’d love it if you would join me and Zac for a panel discussion hosted by the Southwest ISBDC on Thursday, August 7th. Entitled “How Five Local Experts Use Social Media,” this panel is composed of people who will help attendees see different strategies and ideas for using the growth of social media to their advantage. Zac will be moderating the discussion and I’ll be speaking on how to measure social media successes and opportunities. Also speaking on the panel will be Tim Piazza (from, Ellada Hadjisavva (co-owner of Acropolis Restaurant), Serina Kelly (owner of Relevate, a relationship marketing firm), and Josh Armstrong (Director of the Downtown Alliance for the Southwest Indiana Chamber).

How to Register

Registration is $20, and the event starts at 7:30am at the Southwest Indiana Chamber, located at 318 Main St., Suite 401, in downtown Evansville. To sign up, click here or call Karina Hampton at (812) 425-7232.

We’re excited about this, and look forward to meeting you there!