Startup Weekend Evansville 4.0 – February 20-22

Startup Weekend Evansville

February 20-22 will mark the fourth annual Startup Weekend here in Evansville, and even after four years, a lot of people still aren’t sure what it is. But for individuals who have an idea that’s not on the market, Startup Weekend is part competition, part education, and a full weekend of discussion, collaboration, and progress on their idea.

What Startup Weekend Is

Startup Weekend is a place for ideas to come together, where teams of aspiring entrepreneurs work together to flesh those ideas out, and where a lot of hard work takes place over a short time frame. For the participants in Startup Weekend, working on their ideas is a chance to take that idea farther than they may have before. It’s an opportunity to work collaboratively, to learn from others, and to receive coaching and mentoring that you might not have received any other way. And for the winners, it’s a shot at seeing their idea go all the way.

What Startup Weekend Isn’t

Startup Weekend isn’t just about technology. Even though Lieberman Technologies has been involved in this event since its beginning in Evansville four years ago, the ideas presented during this weekend aren’t all technology-related ideas. Startup Weekend is open to ideas of all kinds.

How it works

The first night is dedicated to getting great ideas out in front of the audience. After everyone makes their pitch, attendees vote on the best ideas to move forward with for the weekend. Once those ideas are decided, teams form and begin working on the various parts of their business plan. The rest of the weekend is devoted to team work, coaching, and developing a presentation. Presentations are given on the last day, and judging takes place after all presentations are made. Awards are made at the end of the event.

Is there a place for me if I don’t have an idea?

There is a good chance that you still would be a great fit! You might have a talent that would be a great contribution to a team. Perhaps you have experience in marketing. You might join a team and make significant contributions in helping move the idea forward. You might help conduct a survey or put together a marketing plan or prepare a marketing budget. Every entrepreneur is going to need teammates with various skills to move his or her idea forward over the course of the weekend.

What happens when it’s over

What happens when it’s over is up to you. The work done as a team can develop into a full-fledged startup, or it can be tabled until later. But you’ll come away from the weekend with practical knowledge, new contacts, and a better sense of what it takes to be an entrepreneur and change the world.

If you feel it’s time to pursue your idea or if you’d love to be part of a team trying to make something happen, please join us. It’s an experience like no other.