Has SEO Replaced Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

Businesses have long relied on the recommendations of their customers to promote their products or services. The good things that others say about a business often carry more weight than advertising alone, and smart business owners know that word-of-mouth is a powerful force. In today’s tech-driven marketplace, Google is the biggest word-of-mouth marketing channel ever. When people go to Google and do a search, they trust the results they receive. But if your business doesn’t show up in a Google search, is it Google’s fault?

Improve Your LinkedIn SEO

Between the huge user-base of Facebook and the brevity of Twitter, many people see LinkedIn as social media only for job seekers. If you are looking for customers, not a job, LinkedIn is a great tool for SEO and advertising your company. In about 15 minutes a week, you will be able to use LinkedIn to build your brand, help your people show their authority in their field, and drive traffic to your web site.

Showing Off Greater Evansville’s Best at the American Advertising Awards

This event is an institution for the Greater Evansville chapter of the American Advertising Federation, of which Lieberman Technologies is proud to be a member. For this year’s ceremony and banquet, however, we knew the event needed an experience that matched the impressive quality of this year’s entrants.

Google + LT : Partners Connect Wrap-Up

Do you know how much we are all using Google? There are 100 billion (with a b) Google searches performed every month in the world. 6 billion hours of video content are viewed on YouTube every month. 72% of people who performed a search for local information visited a physical store within 5 miles afterwards. Needless to say, Google is becoming more

How and Why Buying Facebook “Likes” Can Backfire

If you’re reading this, then I’ve got to make a few assumptions here at the outset. First, I’m going to assume that you have some interest in Facebook and its now quintessential feature, the “like.” Second, I’m going to assume that you are at least somewhat intrigued by the idea of increasing Facebook likes, and the means in which one might go