I Want a Mobile App for My Business, Now What?

Don’t spend money on developing an app and then discover it isn’t what your business needs. Answering the questions above will help guide you in making a decision.
We love to make cool apps and we love to make cool websites. Each of our customers has different needs, however. While we make all of our websites responsive so that they look great on phones, some companies have extra needs that they just can’t get from a website.

Get Weather Alerts on Your Smartphone

Think back to a time before the majority of people carried a smartphone. How did we stay in touch with our friends and family, how did we find our way around, and how did we look up a piece of information? Obviously, we had other methods for doing these things, but the smartphone brought all of these functions together in one device,

What’s Your Favorite App? LT Staffers Speak Up

It seems that smartphones own the world these days. According to the Pew Research Internet Project, fully 90% of American adults own a cell phone, and 58% of those cell phones are smartphones. If you’re in that 58%, you know just how handy it is to have that little piece of technology in your pocket. Many times my smartphone has helped to

How To Turn Off Facebook’s Auto Play Videos

How many times do you check Facebook from your mobile device? “Multiple times a day” is how many people answer that question. If this describes you, then this “how to” post may help save you on your mobile data usage, which might even save you some cash. A recent update to the Facebook App enabled autoplay of videos in your News Feed.