Landing a Job – What Matters? Part 3 – Interview Better

Congratulations! You’ve landed an interview! It’s likely that you’ve gotten this far because you’ve paid attention and followed the rules the company has set forth for applying for the job. You’ve also put together a cover letter and resume that was appealing to someone at the company. (Or maybe you’re just following this thread to see if I finally say something intriguing.) Now that

Landing a Job – What Matters? Part 2 – Resume Details

In an earlier article, I shared what you have to do to gain consideration for an interview. With LT, Test #1 is the reasonably easy requirement that you submit a cover letter and resume using the instructions attached to the job posting. Surprisingly, less than 25% get this right. So, assuming that an applicant passed this test, now we’re looking at the details

Landing a Job – What Matters? Part 1 – Pay Attention

In the past three years Lieberman Technologies has added 15 people to our staff. Over the course of my career, here and elsewhere, I have hired hundreds of people. I like to think that this is one of the areas where I have excelled – finding and hiring great people. And just in case anyone might find it useful, I thought I’d share my thoughts