My Website is Down, What Do I Do?

When your website is down, it’s always a surprise. What’s worse, downtime can be expensive in terms of lost productivity, lost revenue, cost to recover, and cost of reputation. Some companies measure the time lost per second when a site goes down because they have so much traffic. However, there are a few things you can do to get past the panic and into solutions to get your site back online.

How Paperless Automation Helps Indiana Sheriffs

Streamlining the process with paperless automation can make everything run more smoothly for both staff and the public. By developing the Automated Tax Warrant System (ATWS) for county sheriff departments, Lieberman Technologies has improved the process for 68 counties in Indiana.

Datto Siris: Business Continuity for Midsize Business

Data protection and recovery continues to be an important factor in the viability of businesses of every size. Recently, we announced our partnership with Datto and introduced the Datto Alto, designed for small business. Some businesses, however, may have small staffs but generate an enormous amount of data. How does such a business protect its data without a dedicated in-house IT staff? Datto has a solution for these companies: Datto Siris.

Disaster Recovery Planning: Preparing for a Data Disaster

Say the word “disaster” and powerful images come to mind – tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and the like. But there are more common disasters. A vicious bit of malware that gains entrance into company servers. Even a cup of coffee knocked over onto a keyboard can cause significant problems. And yet, most companies are content to build their business disaster recovery plan for the “someday” of a natural disaster, which is statistically less likely to occur.

Do I Need a Managed Service Provider if I Use SaaS?

Oftentimes, SaaS and Managed Services are presented as an either/or scenario. I can understand that kind of thinking since SaaS is an outsourced solution for software deployment and maintenance. To many business owners, this outsourced software doesn’t need any additional management. But businesses typically use a mix of proprietary software and SaaS, often with custom and legacy systems thrown in for good measure.

Business Continuity – Hosting and Colocation

How much downtime can your business afford? The answer will be different depending on the business, but most answers would be a variant of “none at all.” Downtime equates to a loss of employee productivity, service to customers, and, ultimately, profits, and the best way to minimize downtime is to have a plan in place – a business continuity plan.   The

Business Continuity: Virtualization

What a Business Continuity Plan Means for your Business If a disaster struck your business tomorrow, would you be ready? That’s a question that, unfortunately for some businesses, is only answered in the throes of disaster… making it a disaster recovery issue. Preparation for disaster, however, is a basic tenet of business continuity planning, and allows you to more confidently answer yes

It’s Coming: SQL Server 2005 End of Life

If your business is using SQL Server 2005 to manage your business data, there is an event on the horizon that could leave your data vulnerable. On April 12, 2016, Microsoft will cease support for SQL Server 2005; as of today, you have roughly 60 days to migrate to a new Microsoft product before your business data becomes vulnerable. What is SQL

How Do Cloud Services Benefit Small Business?

  If you’re a small business owner, you’re always looking for ways to operate your business more efficiently. Among the most important areas to hold the line on expenses is the area of IT. Providing your employees with up-to-date technology has the potential to break the budget, but using outdated tech can also hurt your business’ productivity. How do you give your

Taming the Paper Monster For a Tree Service Business

Sometimes opportunity presents itself during a time of devastation. Such was the case in 1982, when Randy and Cathy Nicely found themselves pitching in to help the Evansville area clean up after a devastating windstorm. Two chainsaws, a pickup truck, and a friend, combined with a strong work ethic, led the Nicelys to discover a niche to fill in the Tri-State and Randy’s

Cyber Security Best Practices

Most of us are content to view the nightly news as something that happens to “other people,” but the recent WannaCry ransomware attack proves that none of us is safe from cybercrime. Nowadays, it’s not the “big” attacks on large companies like Target or Anthem or Sony Pictures that are the biggest threats. Sure, these things may affect important personal information, but

The Cloud – Leveling the Playing Field for Small Business

Ask almost anyone to define “cloud” and you might get a variety of responses, many of them suggesting the condensation of water vapor in the air. But for business, “the cloud” is a way of handling computing functions more economically and efficiently. Cloud computing, in a nutshell, outsources computation, software applications, data access, data management, and storage resources to an offsite network

IT as a Service – A Short Introduction

I have three kids graduating from high school either this year or next, so one thing I’m thinking about more and more is the cost of a college education. Very few things have skyrocketed as much as the cost of a college education over the last 30 years.  In the article “Is College Still Worth the Price?” Money Magazine highlighted what has