Why Your Awesome Content Might Be Underperforming

If you’ve spent some time researching digital marketing strategies, you’ve probably come across the phrase: “Content is king.” If you create quality content for your website, then visitors will come, right? That reminds me of something from Field of Dreams… If you build it, they will come. As lovely as that sentiment is, it doesn’t always turn out to be true. It’s

Do I Use 1 Space or 2?

I recently had the rare opportunity to sit down in front of the TV with the remote all to myself, and somehow I ended up on the Hallmark channel watching The Waltons. John-Boy Walton was a particular hero of mine as a child, pecking away at his typewriter in his quest to be a writer. As I watched him roll a sheet

Top Content from 2013 – LTnow Blog in Review

2013 was a great year by many accounts here at LTnow. We experienced exciting growth in our office space, personnel, and company culture. If you missed it, Stewart did a great job of reflecting on our business growth. You can read that here. Part of the growth here at LTnow last year was reflected in our blog content. We posted a lot

Re-examining the Seven Deadly (Word) Sins

Here at Lieberman Technologies we’ve got a few favorite content writing websites that we follow. These sites help us to stay on top of trends, learn from the best, or even just be entertained or informed. Some of the best articles come from a shop across the pond called Valuable Content. These fine folks write fantastic content about writing fantastic content. One

How Often Should I Update My Blog?

If you’ve been blogging without any consistency, you’ve been putting forth effort and likely not receiving much reward for that effort. Maybe it’s time to get a little more control over your message and its frequency. Setting a schedule for blogging helps you to focus your efforts toward a consistent message and helps to promote your business.

Should You Outsource Your Blog?

Adding a blog to your website can benefit your business in numerous ways. For starters, a blog can produce an accumulative increase of your website’s traffic of more than 50%. For a fraction of the cost of a new hire, you can contract for blog content that will be researched and written as if it were done by a member of your team. Further, because a ghostwriter is a contractor, you are spared the cost of providing a full salary and benefits.

The Connection Between Content and Ranking

If you’ve ever looked at a page of search results and wondered how certain companies are able to rise to the top and stay there, you can bet a good portion of that answer has to do with the content on their site. Companies that provide useful, relevant content on their websites tend to rank higher on search engine results. It’s a mix of

Updating Website Content When Everything Has Already Been Said

British philosopher Alan Watts once said, “Trying to describe yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.” Nowhere is this more true than on a website. Once you’ve spent a considerable amount of time crafting your message and presenting your business to your web audience, it’s difficult to update your content so that it says the same thing, differently. Even the best content

Is Content Marketing Important for Small Businesses?

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “content marketing” kicked around recently, and you’ve thought that it sounded like an important and complicated thing that your business must have. But what is it, and where do you begin to get it? “Content Marketing” is business jargon-speak for communicating with your customers across a variety of platforms. The content is your message, and the marketing

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