Data Loss and Disasters: What You Need to Know

When it comes to your business, it’s crucial to have the correct data protection strategies in place. Indeed, data loss can be a significant expense for your business. As such, you must have data recovery solutions in place. Look at it as the best insurance coverage you’ll ever have. Fortunately, you can implement disaster recovery plan strategies and processes for your business

How To Erase Data from an Old Computer or Phone

Ah, the joy and excitement of a new computer or cell phone. Shiny, new, pristine – a blank slate on which you will inscribe your personality and interests, on which you will create and communicate and learn and play, and on which you will put a lot of personal information. Processes will run faster, things will download more quickly, and you are

Five More Questions to Ask About Backups and Restores

As we pointed out in Five Questions to Ask About Backups and Restores, the other side of backing up your data is that someday, you may need to restore it. Restoring data can be a difficult process if your backup protocols aren’t where they need to be. Consider the following questions: 1. What sort of data do you need to restore? The