Mobile Website Design Means More Mobile-Friendly Business

If you have visited a mobile website on your smartphone, you already know a mobile-friendly website when you see one. In fact, mobile-friendly websites are better for businesses. Mobile website designs are easier to use, read, and share than non-mobile website templates. When the pictures load funky or if the text is too small to read, a website is not mobile-friendly and it hurts business.

Future Proof Your Marketing By Being Authentic

The Budweiser Clydesdales paid a visit to Evansville recently, and social media had a ball. I feel like I saw dozens of horse selfies, posts about seeing the mascots in person, and a general positive sense of connection with what is a cool, but ultimately ingrained, marketing message. Imagine my intrigue when, as I browsed the news of the day last week, I

5 Mantras to Help Your Website Achieve WordPress Zen

We don’t hide our love for the WordPress platform here at Lieberman. It provides the building blocks needed to create some masterpieces of web design, and it’s a tool we proudly have years of experience in providing for clients. It’s accessible, customizable, and, well, downright pretty. Even if you have never built a website before, it is the go-to choice for millions for

Embracing White Space: Minimalistic Web Design

Of the millions of web pages in existence today, only a portion of them embody the philosophy of “less is more.” In the days of slow internet connections and much less powerful machines, it was absolutely necessary to keep graphics to a minimum. As Internet speeds increased and as machines and browsers became more powerful, web design leaped into a sphere of rich content with splashy graphics and media.