The Basics of an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

What would spell disaster for your business? A powerful storm that takes out a large percentage of your equipment? A fire or flood that renders your facility unusable? Or would the larger disaster being wholly unprepared for a disaster and not having a plan for recovery in place? You may never need to use your disaster recovery plan, but that’s no excuse

How Do You Recover From a Disaster?

If there were a disaster and your facilities were destroyed, would you still be in business in six months? It’s a question we ask businesses every day. Your disaster recovery plan should confidently answer this question. No one likes to think about business-destroying disasters, but the fact is these types of events can and do happen. It could be something as simple

Data Backups: Planning For the Unexpected

With the beginning of a new year, many people vow to change old habits – losing weight and getting in shape are the most popular resolutions. Lieberman Technologies has a suggestion for your computing life: regular and consistent backups to an offsite location. Loss of data can occur for any number of reasons — hardware failure, power surges, natural disasters, stolen or