9-1-1 Requirements for Multi-Line Phone Systems

What would happen if someone at your business needed to dial 9-1-1 for any reason? How would first responders know exactly where to go to quickly assist the individual who made the call? Obviously, your business address would be a good place to start. However, if your business is in a building with multiple floors and rooms or your property covers a

Establish a Contingency Plan for Your Business Data

Answer a simple question for me: How long can your business be disrupted before it becomes a problem? Depending on your business, your answer will hinge on several considerations. Customer service and profitability are usually the two biggest factors. If your business can’t afford downtime in the event of a disaster – and most can’t – you’ll need to establish a contingency

Disaster Recovery:  Developing an Emergency Plan

Disaster recovery is a hot topic every spring, due to often dangerous and unpredictable weather causing electrical outages or water damage and wreaking havoc on businesses. But disasters don’t just happen in the spring, and they’re not always weather-related. Having a disaster recovery plan for your business systems – phones, data, cabling, workstations – is one of the best investments you can