Facebook Giveaway Scams: Worse than Fake News

Most of these scams instruct you to “like & share” a post in order to enter into a pool of possible winners. Maybe you’ve done it yourself, thinking, “what could it hurt?” Facebook giveaway scams exist for one reason: to get something from you. If you’re overly fond of your personal information (and you should be), avoid these “like & share” schemes.

How to Earn 50,000 Views on Facebook

One post with 50,000 views on Facebook. Sounds like a marketer’s dream, doesn’t it? It might be a marketer’s dream, but it’s also reality – one post with 50,000 Facebook views is possible, provided you have all the right elements to make it happen. How? The story behind a post receiving 50,000 views on Facebook starts with content. Yes, I said it.

Why Have My Facebook Page Likes Decreased?

If you’re keeping tabs on the number of “likes” on your business Facebook page, you might have noticed recently that your numbers took a little dip. You might be concerned, but there’s no reason to panic. How “Likes” Work A “like” is a connection. When someone likes your Facebook page, it shows up in their news feed, and their action is visible

Social Media Training in Evansville – Beware The Guru

How do you feel when you hear the term “social media”? Do you swoon over the endless possibilities of connecting with new and interesting people and ideas from all over the world? Or do you bristle at the foreign, confusing landscape of Tweets, Facebooks, and hashtags? If find yourself closer to the latter, then this post is especially for you. The world

How to Do More With Less on Facebook

You got all the information filled out, agreed to (but didn’t read) the Terms of Service, and finally got everything on your revamped, optimized Facebook page set up and ready to unleash on the world. Now what? Your initial temptation may be to start posting immediately, randomly, and constantly. Don’t. Make your efforts count. Before you start posting to Facebook, take time

How To Turn Off Facebook’s Auto Play Videos

How many times do you check Facebook from your mobile device? “Multiple times a day” is how many people answer that question. If this describes you, then this “how to” post may help save you on your mobile data usage, which might even save you some cash. A recent update to the Facebook App enabled autoplay of videos in your News Feed.

How and Why Buying Facebook “Likes” Can Backfire

If you’re reading this, then I’ve got to make a few assumptions here at the outset. First, I’m going to assume that you have some interest in Facebook and its now quintessential feature, the “like.” Second, I’m going to assume that you are at least somewhat intrigued by the idea of increasing Facebook likes, and the means in which one might go

Improve Your Facebook Return By Thinking Like An Investor

2014 marks Facebook’s 10th year of existence, and in that decade so much has fundamentally changed about the world we live and work in. Originally a college-only private connection network, Facebook is now a sprawling platform with more than 1.3 billion active users and an average visit time of 30 minutes per user. It is, quite simply, too big to ignore for

New auto-play video feature for Facebook on mobile apps. Cat lovers rejoice.

Where do you prefer to digest your massive Facebook news feed? I’m not talking about a specific location (although we’d probably get some interesting answers to that question), I’m referring to the device/application that you use to get the latest news on what Aunt Bertha had for lunch, what cute tricks Aunt Bertha’s cat performed today, or even what Aunt Bertha’s cat

Four Ways to Get (and Keep) Control of Your Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Foursquare, Flickr, YouTube… the depth and breadth of social platforms out there is mind-boggling. If you’re participating in one or two, it’s not hard to manage content and notifications for your social site of choice. But if you’re participating in numerous sites, managing your time and efforts while still covering all your bases can get

Did Facebook’s privacy change proposal go too far?

Is this the moment when changes to the Facebook privacy settings actually launch a mass exodus from the world’s top social media network? We’ve heard folks bemoan the different changes to the default settings on Facebook before, but this is different. Could this be the tipping point? What am I talking about? On Thursday, August 29, 2013, Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer issued

Facebook Fan Pages: A Primer for Businesses

Social networking has the potential to be all-consuming, particularly if you get caught up in the bells-and-whistles portion of social media marketing. Far and away, the largest social medium is Facebook, and no matter how you feel about social networks, joining in can benefit your business. By keeping these best practices in mind, you can establish and maintain a Facebook presence without

In Social Media, Timing is Everything

If you are the person in charge of your company’s social media presence, you’ve likely noticed that some posts garner more attention than others. While some of this attention can be attributed to content, don’t overlook the timing of posts. The differences in social media venues are as varied as the demographics of their users, and understanding the culture of each is

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