Has SEO Replaced Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

Businesses have long relied on the recommendations of their customers to promote their products or services. The good things that others say about a business often carry more weight than advertising alone, and smart business owners know that word-of-mouth is a powerful force. In today’s tech-driven marketplace, Google is the biggest word-of-mouth marketing channel ever. When people go to Google and do a search, they trust the results they receive. But if your business doesn’t show up in a Google search, is it Google’s fault?

Clicks vs. Conversions

I have a confession to make… I am embarrassingly in love with Google Analytics. It’s true. I find its blue-shaded line graphs to be quite attractive, if not beautiful. I find myself often getting lost in the amazing sea of data about the performance of a particular website that we manage. When I went to MozCon in July 2014, I took exactly

How to Measure eCommerce Success in Google Analytics

Pop quiz! What’s the best way to measure the success of your online store? If you said “total revenue,” then congratulations, you get a check mark! When looking at the overall success of any eCommerce, it eventually does all come back to the dollars coming in. If you were gunning for the elusive check-plus, then sorry, a little bit more nuance is