Is a Mobile Friendly Website a Search Engine Ranking Factor?

Simple question. Simple answer. Yes! Beginning April 21, 2015, websites that are mobile-friendly will be recognized as such by Google, a potential boost to rankings for numerous sites. Google has been notating mobile-friendly sites in search results since November 2014, and this announcement makes mobile-friendliness more important than ever before. More than 60% of smartphone users use their devices to access the internet. But

What is Google Authorship? How Does it Benefit Your SEO?

Google Authorship Sounds important, doesn’t it? In a world where it feels like everything can be found on the Internet, establishing and verifying authorship of the content that you create is insanely important. Authorship provides validity and authority to viewers and search engines alike, and makes for an ever-increasing measure of importance when it comes to search engine optimization and performance in the search results. What is

How to Test Page Load Speed with Google Webmaster Tools

How fast does your website load? This question is becoming more and more important to the online marketer as attention spans decrease and the number of distractions increase. But page load speed doesn’t just impact marketing from the User Experience perspective, it also factors into the SEO of your website and its ability to rank. After all, when you break it down, SEO objectives are an

Google + LT : Partners Connect Wrap-Up

Do you know how much we are all using Google? There are 100 billion (with a b) Google searches performed every month in the world. 6 billion hours of video content are viewed on YouTube every month. 72% of people who performed a search for local information visited a physical store within 5 miles afterwards. Needless to say, Google is becoming more

5 Website Questions You Can Answer Through Google Analytics

If you asked a friend, “How do I get from my house to your house?” and they responded by providing you with a map of the United States and saying, “It’s in there somewhere,” would you find that helpful? Image Courtesy Fort Dearborn Publishing Co. Google Analytics can be that friend. The amount of information available to you is staggering, and while

Overwhelmed by Google Analytics? Don’t Be.

It’s been said that humans are born with only two innate fears – that of falling and that of sudden, loud noises. All of the other things we have come to fear – spiders, clowns, darkness, etc. – are learned fears, created from circumstances sometimes out of our control. Fears sometimes arise out of uncertainty; particularly if we feel overwhelmed by the

Four Ways to Get (and Keep) Control of Your Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Foursquare, Flickr, YouTube… the depth and breadth of social platforms out there is mind-boggling. If you’re participating in one or two, it’s not hard to manage content and notifications for your social site of choice. But if you’re participating in numerous sites, managing your time and efforts while still covering all your bases can get

Google Search No Longer Providing Keyword Data

When you’re THE search engine giant, everything you do becomes a very big deal. Such was the case yesterday when Google announced that it was going to cease to provide keyword data for analytics. As of yesterday, all searches conducted through Google will run through their secure (encrypted) server – effectively ending reportable information about keywords used in search. Every Google search

Paid vs. Organic Search: What’s the difference?

Search engines are a wonderful, powerful tool for discovery. Type in what you want to know, and within a fraction of a second, you’ve got a wealth of information at your fingertips, awaiting further exploration. Search engines are practically a staple of everyday life online. Think about it. How often do you use the phrase “Google it“? Upon closer examination, you’ll likely

Finding Your Place on Google+ Local Pages

If your business is among those that had a presence on Google Places, you may be surprised to find that Google Places no longer exists.  On May 30 of this year, Google replaced Google Places with Google+ Local, a format designed to be more user-friendly, effective, and easier to navigate than the Google Places format.  If your business had a presence on

Can Google+ Really Take on Facebook

Q: What does Google+ have that Facebook does not? A: The power of the world’s most popular search engine. It was back in July of 2011 when Google allowed it’s relationship with Twitter to expire. This relationship was the backbone for the social networking posts that appeared Google as “real-time” search results. This dissolution happened just a few days after the highly publicized

How to get more than 10 results per page in Google Search?

During a presentation from Erik Deckers at the most recent Social Media Club of Evansville event the person sitting next to me stated, “I didn’t know you could do that.” While Erik was beginning to talk about the tools and ways to measure your social media presence, the statement was directed at getting more than 10 results per page in a Google

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