Inbox Zero: Why It’s Important to Me

Inbox Zero is often a topic of discussion amongst those online, and with good reason. Everyone seems to have an opinion, and Hope’s Inbox Zero post generated debate in our office. Because we thought our readers would enjoy a glimpse into our discussion, Zac and I have decided to take our opinions to a more open forum. You can read Zac’s post

Inbox Zero Is Not Realistic

Hope wrote a great piece on the virtues of Inbox Zero earlier this month. Andrew and I often talk about our different perspectives on this, so we decided to independently write about them. It turns out that we have more in common than we thought, and our differences are just a matter of definition. Check out Andrew’s post here. Is Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero: Is It Realistic?

Email was supposed to make our lives easier. Instead of trying to track someone down via phone for a conversation or waiting days for a letter to reach its destination, email provided a means of faster communication between parties. Sending an email meant that we (theoretically) reduced the amount of paper in our offices and saved a few virgin forests in the