How Do You Manage Your Passwords?

Passwords are a fact of life in today’s tech-driven world. Like your house key gives you entry into your living space, passwords allow you to gain entry to the parts of your life you live online. But although you have just one house key, you probably have many, many more passwords than that – and they won’t fit on a keyring! It’s

My Website is Down, What Do I Do?

When your website is down, it’s always a surprise. What’s worse, downtime can be expensive in terms of lost productivity, lost revenue, cost to recover, and cost of reputation. Some companies measure the time lost per second when a site goes down because they have so much traffic. However, there are a few things you can do to get past the panic and into solutions to get your site back online.

Evansville Online at 20 – A Retrospective

If you live in or around Evansville…here’s a fact that you may find interesting — it was 20 years ago this month (December 1994) that Evansville Online was launched. For the great and vast majority of people living on the planet, the Internet (or the Web) simply didn’t exist in 1994. Back then, how we use the Internet today would have sounded

The Flipside of Net Neutrality: The Impracticality of a Pure Model

Recently I suggested that you consider submitting a public filing comment to the FCC while they’re asking for opinions on “Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet.”  As a starting point, I suggested using the following: “I believe in the concept of Net Neutrality as put in place and that with limited exceptions, all content of the same type should be treated equally

Net Neutrality Update: How to Comment on the FCC Website

When John Oliver’s rant on Net Neutrality went viral, it led to a crashing of the FCC website due to a flood of people racing to leave a public comment on the issue of an open internet. As of June 5, there were more than 49,000 public comments on the proceeding, all of which are available to the public for reading and

What is Net Neutrality, and Why Should I Care?

Amid the swirling of planes, drafts, and weather, a potentially world-changing piece of technology news has been drawing scrutiny and outcry: FCC chairman Tom Wheeler’s intention to propose new rules concerning an “open Internet,” and then swift announcement that he would revise his proposal based on public outcry. Why all the fuss? “Open Internet” is the FCC’s term for what is commonly

Is Your Home Network Putting Your Company Network at Risk?

If you’re one of the lucky ones using a wireless network to work from home, you know the particular joys of drafting a major presentation from the comfort of your own couch. But while wireless networking makes time spent online a little more enjoyable, it can also open up a host of issues if your home network isn’t properly secured. Even if you only

Is It Time to Move Away From Your Internet VPN?

For businesses with multiple locations, the swift and secure transfer of information between locations is of utmost importance. To that end, many businesses utilize the Internet along with a network-to-network Virtual Private Network (VPN). It’s relatively inexpensive, simplifies site-to-site access, and does provide some level of security. But while a site-to-site VPN does provide a degree of security to all users on

Will Your Internet Stop Working on July 9th?

WARNING: Is July 9th Your “Internet Doomsday”? It’s July 9th, a Monday. You’ve poured your cup of morning coffee, and you’ve settled at your desk to begin your workday. As always, your first order of business is to check your email and visit the websites that make up part of your daily routine. But when you open your web browser, you get