Managed Services – Remote Monitoring & Management

If your business uses a Managed Services Provider (MSP), the day-to-day security and functionality of your business systems can be less of a concern through their use of Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM). Put simply, RMM allows for 24/7 monitoring of your business systems, with an eye toward preventing issues and quick repair following events that threaten to disable your business.

Who Makes Your Company’s IT Decisions?

Most small business owners, when pressed, admit that there are parts of day-to-day administration that they don’t have the expertise to handle themselves. Most do it anyway, because they don’t have the staff to address the issues that arise. Chief among these administrative tasks is IT. Unless you’re a tech company, chances are you don’t have the staff available to keep up

IT as a Service – A Short Introduction

I have three kids graduating from high school either this year or next, so one thing I’m thinking about more and more is the cost of a college education. Very few things have skyrocketed as much as the cost of a college education over the last 30 years.  In the article “Is College Still Worth the Price?” Money Magazine highlighted what has