Planning for IT During a Business Relocation

Choosing a business location is perhaps the single most important decision a small business owner or startup will make. Regardless of industry, location is often the factor that determines whether a business succeeds or fails, and not just for the reasons you may think. Even with precise planning and research, looking at demographics, assessing your supply chain, scoping the competition, staying on

What is an Email Retention Policy and Why Does Your Business Need One?

We’ve all become so accustomed to using email in our daily personal and working lives that we really don’t give a whole lot of thought to it.  It’s the fastest way to communicate with others in the course of the day, and the emails we send and receive – in general – never see the light of day again once they’ve been read. People

Developing the Relationship Between Your Business and Your IT Support Provider

So, you’ve made the decision to outsource your IT Support. Now is the time to get to know them, before any emergencies arise. First among your list of priorities is to find a support provider that has experience in your industry and with the systems you use. If your support provider already understands your business, you’re two steps ahead of any problems

Do You Need an IT Support Provider?

Anyone who has puzzled over installing a wireless printer in the office knows one thing for certain: computer issues are the most perplexing of all business problems. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone available to fix computing issues as they arise? The field of IT Support arose from the common issues that businesses face with technology, and IT Support professionals help

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