What Did You Wear to Work Today?

I think most of us agree that we all have great potential…maybe even unlimited potential…to do great things. I also think that all of us would agree that there are a very limited number of minutes each day that we have and they cannot be retrieved once they are gone. The older I get the more I think about these things. I

What Is Nextdoor.com?

Not too long ago, if you wanted your neighbors to know something, you had to pick up the phone or knock on their door. Talking over the fence or shouting from your front porch was as high-tech as it got. If you miss those days and wonder where the practice of being neighborly has gone, you might be surprised to learn that

Finding Your Place on Google+ Local Pages

If your business is among those that had a presence on Google Places, you may be surprised to find that Google Places no longer exists.  On May 30 of this year, Google replaced Google Places with Google+ Local, a format designed to be more user-friendly, effective, and easier to navigate than the Google Places format.  If your business had a presence on

Is it the beginning of the end for printed Yellow Pages?

Yellow Pages have been a staple in the home and office for most Americans over the past few decades. Recent news in San Francisco could be starting the end to that trend. As reported in an article in the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco passed a first vote legislation that would restrict delivery of the Yellow Pages directory to only those who