Putting Seniors in Touch With Services: SWIRCA Senior Resource Guide Online

Reaching the Senior Population The ranks of America’s seniors are predicted to grow to an astounding 31 percent of the country’s population by 2030. That’s right; nearly a third of the US population will be past the age of 65 in just a few short years. As the future arrives, most of these seniors will have one common goal: to remain independent

Landing a Job – What Matters? Part 1 – Pay Attention

In the past three years Lieberman Technologies has added 15 people to our staff. Over the course of my career, here and elsewhere, I have hired hundreds of people. I like to think that this is one of the areas where I have excelled – finding and hiring great people. And just in case anyone might find it useful, I thought I’d share my thoughts

Four and a Half Questions with Stewart Klipsch

One: How did your career path bring you to LT? I came to back to my hometown of Evansville looking for a business to own and operate. Phil offered for me to work with him while I looked. Long story short, we got along well and our skill sets were complimentary so I became a partner. Two: What’s your favorite thing about working at

A Reflection on MozCon 2014

“These have to be some of the smartest people in the world…” That’s what I muttered to myself as I exited the Washington State Convention Center at the end of the conference’s first day. MozCon, the annual conference put on by the Seattle-based company Moz, lines up keynote speaker after keynote speaker (about 8-10 per day) for three days. There are no

Follow @tweetLTnow on Twitter

Are you on Twitter? Follow Us. For some time now, Lieberman Technologies has been sharing interesting bits of information as well as technology advice and company news on Twitter. Our official Twitter handle, @tweetLTnow, allows us to highlight business milestones, provide timely tech information as it relates to our clients and the markets we serve, and even share a bit of the

Inbox Zero: Why It’s Important to Me

Inbox Zero is often a topic of discussion amongst those online, and with good reason. Everyone seems to have an opinion, and Hope’s Inbox Zero post generated debate in our office. Because we thought our readers would enjoy a glimpse into our discussion, Zac and I have decided to take our opinions to a more open forum. You can read Zac’s post

Inbox Zero Is Not Realistic

Hope wrote a great piece on the virtues of Inbox Zero earlier this month. Andrew and I often talk about our different perspectives on this, so we decided to independently write about them. It turns out that we have more in common than we thought, and our differences are just a matter of definition. Check out Andrew’s post here. Is Inbox Zero

Why Digital Marketing Isn’t About Computers

“He’s the new digital marketing guy, so of course he’s going to try and talk about why it’s the greatest thing ever.” Well, yeah. Digital Marketing isn’t the greatest thing ever, but it’s way more than just a job title for me. I really do think that the tools available today through digital, social and mobile media are both powerful and misunderstood.

Top Content from 2013 – LTnow Blog in Review

2013 was a great year by many accounts here at LTnow. We experienced exciting growth in our office space, personnel, and company culture. If you missed it, Stewart did a great job of reflecting on our business growth. You can read that here. Part of the growth here at LTnow last year was reflected in our blog content. We posted a lot

2013 – A Year in Review at Lieberman Technologies

By all standards, 2013 was a year of growth and improvement at Lieberman Technologies. We added new staff, new office space, and new services, and our staff continues to be deeply involved in the Tri-State community. Now that we’ve come to the end of the year, we thought we’d take a look back at 2013 and highlight some of the milestones we’ve

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