Mobile Website Design Means More Mobile-Friendly Business

If you have visited a mobile website on your smartphone, you already know a mobile-friendly website when you see one. In fact, mobile-friendly websites are better for businesses. Mobile website designs are easier to use, read, and share than non-mobile website templates. When the pictures load funky or if the text is too small to read, a website is not mobile-friendly and it hurts business.

Do I need to be concerned about mobile malware?

An iPhone Virus is a real thing If you have a smartphone, and 64% of Americans do, you have more than just a phone – you have a computer in your pocket. There have been volumes written over the years about viruses and malware that affect computers at every level, but not a lot of ink has been spilled over the subject

Get Weather Alerts on Your Smartphone

Think back to a time before the majority of people carried a smartphone. How did we stay in touch with our friends and family, how did we find our way around, and how did we look up a piece of information? Obviously, we had other methods for doing these things, but the smartphone brought all of these functions together in one device,

Is My Website Mobile-Friendly?

Google, being the industry leader in organic search, has made a point to emphasize user experience as a factor in its rankings. Last month, they took this to a new level by unleashing “Mobilegeddon” on us all: considering a site’s responsive web design as a ranking factor for mobile searches. This means, bluntly, that sites that are considered “mobile-friendly” will be given

Is a Mobile Friendly Website a Search Engine Ranking Factor?

Simple question. Simple answer. Yes! Beginning April 21, 2015, websites that are mobile-friendly will be recognized as such by Google, a potential boost to rankings for numerous sites. Google has been notating mobile-friendly sites in search results since November 2014, and this announcement makes mobile-friendliness more important than ever before. More than 60% of smartphone users use their devices to access the internet. But

Showing Off Greater Evansville’s Best at the American Advertising Awards

This event is an institution for the Greater Evansville chapter of the American Advertising Federation, of which Lieberman Technologies is proud to be a member. For this year’s ceremony and banquet, however, we knew the event needed an experience that matched the impressive quality of this year’s entrants.