5 Technology Trends for 2020

You may have heard the term, “fourth industrial revolution” to describe the current state of technological advances. No matter how you feel about this idea, it’s undeniable that we’re living in a technologically advanced world. It’s not going to slow down any time soon. Technology Trends for 2020 As we move into the second decade of the new millennium, here are some

Datto Siris: Business Continuity for Midsize Business

Data protection and recovery continues to be an important factor in the viability of businesses of every size. Recently, we announced our partnership with Datto and introduced the Datto Alto, designed for small business. Some businesses, however, may have small staffs but generate an enormous amount of data. How does such a business protect its data without a dedicated in-house IT staff? Datto has a solution for these companies: Datto Siris.

Is Your Home Network Putting Your Company Network at Risk?

If you’re one of the lucky ones using a wireless network to work from home, you know the particular joys of drafting a major presentation from the comfort of your own couch. But while wireless networking makes time spent online a little more enjoyable, it can also open up a host of issues if your home network isn’t properly secured. Even if you only

How To Protect Your Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi networking is common in today’s business environment, allowing for greater flexibility in establishing workstations and giving guests access to the Internet while on the office premises. Because of the broadcasted nature of the Wi-Fi signal, however, it’s essential to secure your Wi-Fi network. Just as an unsecured Wi-Fi network is one that is susceptible to hacking, a Wi-Fi that isn’t properly secured leaves

What Is a Firewall?

What is a Firewall? In business, network security’s first line of defense is the firewall. The term “firewall” suggests a powerful, effective means of preventing unwanted intrusion. In fact, the most oft-used image to illustrate a firewall is that of a brick wall standing between a computer and a globe, representing the Internet. This image of strength, however, is only as accurate