How to Make Better Passwords

It has been more than a year since I strongly encouraged you to start using a Password Manager to make better passwords. I feel sure that only a few of you have taken me up on this suggestion, and I still strongly believe you need to do that. If you aren’t one of them, please go back and read that article. There are,

Top Ten Reasons You Need to Change Your Password

As a tech company, we talk a lot about security issues, both internally and in discussions with our customers. The businesses we work with rely on us to give them solid guidance and to provide tech solutions that are reliable and secure. While no piece of software and no digital business system is 100% hacker-proof, I like to think that we do

Nothing is Completely Safe, but Our Advice on LastPass Stands

If you’ve taken my advice and started using LastPass to protect your online accounts, then you recently received this unwelcome email from the LastPass Team. You may be wondering if it gives me pause about using a password manager and specifically using LastPass. It does not. The message from the LastPass team isn’t good news, but I’m comforted knowing that they quickly recognized it and

Password Managers – Better Security and Simpler Life

I’m going to be blunt:  Please start using a password manager. It will make your life easier and will help protect your personal information, such as your email and banking accounts. I’m hoping those two sentences alone will be enough to get you to make the move to using a password manager. But if you’re the sort of person who needs a