Should You Standardize Your IT Infrastructure?

Consider for a moment the phone on your desk. More than likely, your phone is identical to the phone on the desk of your cube neighbor, which is also identical to the phone that the company president uses. The same model of phone for each employee in an organization makes good business sense, both from a budgetary and usability perspective. Standardization is

Help! How Help Desk Services Improve Productivity

Need Your Own Help Desk? What do you do when you can’t print? What about when your computer is running slow? Or when you can’t get your smartphone to sync to your office Outlook? In many offices, there is one person to whom everyone turns for these types of problems – someone who understands how to fix issues as they arise, and

Inbox Zero: Is It Realistic?

Email was supposed to make our lives easier. Instead of trying to track someone down via phone for a conversation or waiting days for a letter to reach its destination, email provided a means of faster communication between parties. Sending an email meant that we (theoretically) reduced the amount of paper in our offices and saved a few virgin forests in the

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