IT Budget Planning for 2018

Not only does a budget help you to look ahead to anticipated income and profit, it allows you to be intentional with your spending over the coming year.
If your organization uses technology, including IT in your budget planning will help you to control costs while keeping your tech up to date.

Making Foreclosure Sales Run More Smoothly in Indiana

In Indiana, when a home is foreclosed by a bank for nonpayment of the mortgage the county sheriff is tasked with selling that home via a public auction. These sales are usually attended by bank representatives as well as members of the general public who purchase distressed properties for both personal and investment reasons. While on the surface these sales may seem

Putting Seniors in Touch With Services: SWIRCA Senior Resource Guide Online

Reaching the Senior Population The ranks of America’s seniors are predicted to grow to an astounding 31 percent of the country’s population by 2030. That’s right; nearly a third of the US population will be past the age of 65 in just a few short years. As the future arrives, most of these seniors will have one common goal: to remain independent