Ransomware Recovery – Be Ready in Advance

Back in February of 2014, we shared our survival story regarding Cryptolocker, an extremely nasty and expensive malware virus that generally spreads through email. Because Cryptolocker was recently in the news again (Warrick County Prosecutor’s Office Admits 2014 Breach), we thought it wise to continue to raise awareness so that you can take steps to protect yourself or your company from similar attacks.

How Do You Recover From a Disaster?

If there were a disaster and your facilities were destroyed, would you still be in business in six months? It’s a question we ask businesses every day. Your disaster recovery plan should confidently answer this question. No one likes to think about business-destroying disasters, but the fact is these types of events can and do happen. It could be something as simple

Data Backups: Planning For the Unexpected

With the beginning of a new year, many people vow to change old habits – losing weight and getting in shape are the most popular resolutions. Lieberman Technologies has a suggestion for your computing life: regular and consistent backups to an offsite location. Loss of data can occur for any number of reasons — hardware failure, power surges, natural disasters, stolen or