Sync Your Cell Phone Contacts with Your Allworx Desk Phone

Now, with the Allworx Verge 9000 phone, even more happens in the background to help you run your business better. When you get back to the office, your contacts on your iPhone or Android phone sync via Bluetooth with your desk phone. From there it goes into your Verge system. When Dave goes to his desk to call Mary, her contact information is already on his desk phone. He can sit down, scroll to her name, press call, and be talking through specs in the time it would take to open his email.

The Relationship-Focused Sales and Marketing Funnel

If you Google something like: “sales funnel,” “purchase funnel,” or “marketing funnel,” you’re likely to find a myriad of differing opinions on how to find and gain new customers for a business. Because of the various products and service providers out there, it makes sense that there wouldn’t be just one approach to earning new customers. Now, my searches didn’t come up

The Best Sales Rep You’ll Ever Have – Part 3

What’s all this talk about a website being the best sales rep you’ll ever have? As a 23-year sales veteran, I take issue with the idea that a website can ever replace a human salesperson. Regardless of the business you’re in, that human connection is still vitally important. The truth is, a website can’t replace a human salesperson. But while the human

The Best Sales Rep You’ll Ever Have – Part 1

Let’s imagine something together. There is an upcoming expo in a nearby city that your organization needs to be at. Now by “needs”, I mean that there is a significant opportunity to move the needle in your marketing efforts. You decide that your organization is going to have a presence, but you don’t know exactly what the scope of that presence should