Protecting Your Business from Cybercrime: Security Awareness Training

In late July 2020, technology giant Garmin fell victim to a ransomware attack that halted operations across the board. Encrypted company data meant customers could not access the information synced from their devices. Aviation and GPS communications were unavailable. Even customer support was inaccessible. Garmin ultimately opted to pay the multi-million-dollar ransom to regain access. Services were restored but it left customers

Six Risks to Your Business IT Security

Data security is becoming more important as business data is being collected everywhere. Globally, we generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day, a figure that will likely grow steadily in the years to come. In fact, the data generated just within the last two years amounts to 90% of the data currently in existence. The rapid pace of data generation requires a business to stay on top of their data protection strategy. Threats to data security seem to lurk at every turn. But what are the biggest threats to a company’s data?

Avoid Being Scammed This Tax Season

Tax season officially began on January 19, which was the earliest that you could submit a tax return for the tax year 2015. Unfortunately, tax season also means scam season, and there are any number of unscrupulous individuals out there trying to get your money. Scams related to taxes tend to proliferate around this time of year, taking advantage of the uncertainty

Fraud Alert: Business Email Compromise

If you’re a company controller, treasurer, or accountant, you will want to be alert to a scam that’s been making the rounds with increasing frequency. Known as the “Business Email Compromise,” or BEC, this scam targets those responsible for handling the money within a company or organization, instructing them to wire a large sum to a specific account. The email containing this

Verizon Wireless Phishing Scam

Be aware of a well-crafted and clever scam that is likely trying to gain access to your login credentials to Verizon Wireless. Just today (12/18/2014) I received a robo-voice call from the number 1-800-921-8678 that was claiming to be Verizon Wireless. The quality of the robo-voice was less than what I would have expected and that was my first hint that this

An Apple ID Phishing Scam

Suppose your Apple ID login led you to another screen that asked you to provide such information as your full name, your credit card number (including expiration date and verification code), date of birth, phone number, and your mother’s maiden name… would you provide that information? I suppose whether you’d share this sort of information would depend upon how trusting you are

Email Phishing Alert: “Invitation to connect on LinkedIn”

If you are a LinkedIn member, please be aware that Invitations to Connect may be phishing attempts. We’ve seen a few of these LinkedIn scams lately. Details of the LinkedIn phishing email scam The email appears to be from LinkedIn with a spoofed email address of The subject line is Invitation to connect on LinkedIn. The links embedded in the email do not

The Latest Scam on Your Domain Name

Back in April of 2012, we wrote about the domain name registration scam. There’s now a new twist that’s making rounds among our clients and we want to make you aware so that you don’t get taken in. One of the services we generally provide for our clients is DNS (Domain Name Service). DNS is like an address book, but instead of

Email Phishing Alert: “Your American Express Forgotten User ID”

Recently we have seen a few emails related to the same phishing attempt make it through our email antispam filter service. Details of the AMEX phishing email scam. The email appears to be from American Express with a spoofed email address of The subject line is Your American Express Forgotten User ID. The links embedded in the email do not go

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Domain Name Registry Scams

For as many ways as there are to make money in business, there are equally as many ways for someone to try and scam you out of that money. The majority of scams out there involve small amounts of money, easily missed in the short term. Domain Name Registration Scams One of the more insidious scams out there involves your domain name registration. Perhaps