LT Reviews – Software To Build Your Company’s Online Ratings

With all the uncertainty that 2020 has brought, consumers are spending increasing amounts of time online. Online shopping has become the norm for many people even as businesses and restaurants have reopened. Even grocery shopping has changed, with many purchasing online and having their groceries delivered instead of venturing out themselves. But with this marked growth in online shopping, one thing has

Improve Your Website Content With Yoast’s Readability and SEO Plugin

If you have a WordPress website, you have access to a nifty free tool that can help improve your website content as well as your SEO. The Yoast SEO plugin can provide valuable insights about the quality of your writing and help you to focus your content for maximum SEO benefit.

How Do I Set the Default Search Folder in Outlook 2013?

“Welcome to Office 365 and the Land of Search-Your-Entire-Mailbox!” That’s how it felt when the upgrade to Outlook 2013 took effect. At first I tried to deal with it, but the search kept returning everything, from all folders (including Deleted Items)  – which for me was too many results. I try to keep an organized approach to email and strive for inbox

What Is a Canonical Tag and How Can It Help Your SEO?

Do you know why your website ranks where it does on a search engine results page? Would you like to improve your site’s ranking? It would be nice if Google provided a full report as to why a website ranks where it does. Unfortunately, even the most experienced SEO professionals don’t have the full answer sheet. Over time, however, Google and the

How Can My Website Performance Impact SEO?

It’s something of a Holy Grail to attain the top spot in Google search results organically – that is, to rise to the top in search due to the relevance of site content in relation to search terms, rather than due to paid advertising.  Obviously, to rank high organically, you have to be doing the right things from an SEO standpoint… but

Why Your Marketing Mix Needs To Incorprate Paid Search

Before Pantone and the eyedropper tool, artists and designers had to create color the old-fashioned way – mixing primary colors to create new shades to use in their work. Starting from a few choice pigments, a painter can mix never-before-seen colors to his or her heart’s content using just a brush and palette. Picture if you will, then, an artist approaching a

Paid vs. Organic Search: What’s the difference?

Search engines are a wonderful, powerful tool for discovery. Type in what you want to know, and within a fraction of a second, you’ve got a wealth of information at your fingertips, awaiting further exploration. Search engines are practically a staple of everyday life online. Think about it. How often do you use the phrase “Google it“? Upon closer examination, you’ll likely

4 SEO Tips To Improve Your Website

If you are like a lot of small business site owners, the thought of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) frightens you. It may sound expensive, foreign, difficult, or unclear. I am not here to tell you that SEO isn’t complex, but there are a few things that you can do to your website to put your best foot forward in Search Engine Optimization.

The Connection Between Content and Ranking

If you’ve ever looked at a page of search results and wondered how certain companies are able to rise to the top and stay there, you can bet a good portion of that answer has to do with the content on their site. Companies that provide useful, relevant content on their websites tend to rank higher on search engine results. It’s a mix of

How to get more than 10 results per page in Google Search?

During a presentation from Erik Deckers at the most recent Social Media Club of Evansville event the person sitting next to me stated, “I didn’t know you could do that.” While Erik was beginning to talk about the tools and ways to measure your social media presence, the statement was directed at getting more than 10 results per page in a Google