Take a Break From Your Tech

Think about how technology has changed our world. Information that once only existed in a written format is now literally at our fingertips. We settle conversational disputes with a quick check of Google. We rely on GPS to navigate a new city instead of pulling out an atlas (which, for the record, they still print). We take pictures and share them almost

Get Weather Alerts on Your Smartphone

Think back to a time before the majority of people carried a smartphone. How did we stay in touch with our friends and family, how did we find our way around, and how did we look up a piece of information? Obviously, we had other methods for doing these things, but the smartphone brought all of these functions together in one device,

5 Things to Do Before You Recycle That Old Phone

So, you got a new phone. And while you’re excited about your new gadget, with all of its fancy features and cool new case, you still have unfinished business with your old phone. Maybe you already have plans for your old phone. Maybe you’re going to pass it on to someone in your family, like your teen who’s been hinting at wanting

10 Steps to Better Smartphone Security

Let’s face it: a smartphone really isn’t a phone. A smartphone is really a pocket-sized computer on which you can also make and receive calls. And aside from the calling function, your smartphone is just as vulnerable to security issues as your laptop – if not more so, because it’s so small and portable. Think about the many ways you use your