Future Proof Your Marketing By Being Authentic

The Budweiser Clydesdales paid a visit to Evansville recently, and social media had a ball. I feel like I saw dozens of horse selfies, posts about seeing the mascots in person, and a general positive sense of connection with what is a cool, but ultimately ingrained, marketing message. Imagine my intrigue when, as I browsed the news of the day last week, I

When “Doing” Social Media Isn’t Enough

Facebook, if it were a country, is rapidly approaching the most populated place on Earth. As it continues to grow and become incorporated into the mainstream lifestyle, businesses and organizations are jumping into the mix in order to stay in front of the eyes of their audience. However, way too many of these businesses are missing the entire point. For the purposes

Why Digital Marketing Isn’t About Computers

“He’s the new digital marketing guy, so of course he’s going to try and talk about why it’s the greatest thing ever.” Well, yeah. Digital Marketing isn’t the greatest thing ever, but it’s way more than just a job title for me. I really do think that the tools available today through digital, social and mobile media are both powerful and misunderstood.

Does My Business Need To Be On Pinterest?

Some would argue that marketing today is infinitely more fractured than in times past, particularly with regard to the rise of social media. The sheer number of social media platforms available to promote a business can be overwhelming to businesses of all sizes and industries. Many companies maintain a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+… and stop there. But other social