Monitoring and Collecting Tax Warrants

vanderburgh county sheriff

When the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office wanted to simplify the process of tracking, monitoring and collecting tax warrants issued by the state, they turned to Lieberman Technologies.

“Before Lieberman, it was a very laborious process,” relates Chief Deputy Eric Williams. “We would get boxes of paper each week and dozens of fields on each page had to be re-keyed into our computer program. I knew Phil Lieberman through my role as President of the City-County Data Board, and contacted him in search of a system that could automate this process.”

The Automated Tax Warrant System developed by Lieberman Technologies streamlines the tax warrant process. Amounts owed are calculated and reports generated automatically, as are taxpayer notification letters and deposit slips. “It’s been very cost-efficient,” says Williams. “In personnel costs alone we’ve already made up several times the cost of the project.”

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office also relied on Lieberman Technologies to create a program that allows collection of money at any of several locations, prints a valid receipt, and uploads the transaction to a database. To help the deputies on the street, Lieberman created a “Hot Sheets” package that allows deputies to print critical information directly from the Office’s intranet and to make updates from any system terminal. “Since we work overlapping shifts, we don’t have “roll call” like you might see on TV,” noted Williams. “This allows us to keep our patrol personnel informed on new developments. Our next step will be adding the capability to allow the officers to access hot sheets in their vehicles.”

Williams would definitely recommend Lieberman Technologies. “They’ve been wonderful. They’ve been very responsive to our needs to change or modify software at any time. And in fact, as we were the first sheriff’s office in Indiana to automate the tax warrant system, there was a great deal of coordination that needed to happen with the state of Indiana. Once we got them in contact, Lieberman took the lead in coordinating with the Department of Revenue.”