Wide Area Networking

Need data connectivity between 2 or more locations?

Let us design a Wide Area Network solution for you. Whether it is MPLS, Internet VPN, or Point-to-Point circuits, we can bring your locations closer together.


MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) is a private network for your traffic. It gives you a high-level of security, traffic prioritization options (QoS and traffic prioritization), and is almost always less expensive than private point-to-point circuits. The data network provider generally provides some level of management as well.

Internet VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) across the Internet can be very cost-effective. Data between locations is transported through secure tunnels across the Internet. This can be a good solution if traffic prioritization isn’t a requirement. A VPN-based solution can be used to provide remote connectivity to work-at-home or travelling employees using VPN client software or an SSL VPN (which provides secure connectivity through a web browser). A Site-to-Site VPN uses equipment to provide network to network connectivity between offices.

Point-to-Point Solutions

This provides the highest level of security and gives you the greatest control on traffic prioritization. It can be an expensive solution when more than 2 locations are involved or when locations are in different parts of the country.