The Connection Between Content and Ranking

If you’ve ever looked at a page of search results and wondered how certain companies are able to rise to the top and stay there, you can bet a good portion of that answer has to do with the content on their site.
Companies that provide useful, relevant content on their websites tend to rank higher on search engine results. It’s a mix of keywords, content, and readership that all contribute to ranking, and that mix is important if you want your site to rise in rankings.

Static websites that use generic page titles such as “Services” and “About Us” don’t do much to attract the attention of web crawling spiders looking for content that matches keywords. Search engines seek out content that is readable and relevant, and sites that deliver this content are rewarded with higher ranking.

content sharingThe other part of this equation is the actual readership of the site itself, which is also linked closely to content. The algorithm that search engines use take into account the links a site receives, and one way to assure your site receives links is by providing content that people find useful and will want to read and share.

Keep these tips in mind when creating content for your website:

Stay on Topic

Knowing your message and sticking to your message by providing content that supports it is very important. People who come to a site for specific information want to find that information without wading through a lot of fluff. Don’t distract your readers with topics that have nothing to do with your business.

Write for Real People

Don’t write for the search engines. Use real language rather than business-speak, which can use lots of keywords and yet still say nothing. Search engines look for content that’s engaging and real, not keyword-heavy.

Use Industry Lingo Where Appropriate

If your industry is one that has specific terminology, use it in your content. Your customers know the lingo, and will likely use it in their search terms.

Make Your Headlines Work for You

Search engines look to headlines for clues to content, much like human beings do. If it makes sense to use one (or more) of your keywords in your headline, then use it.

Consistency is Key

Regular and consistent updating of your website with fresh content demonstrates that your business is rank-worthy. Strive to keep your content updated regularly.

Above all, keep your content focused towards the real people reading it. Creating content is among the easiest ways to connect with customers, and well-written content gets noticed by human readers and search engines alike.